Aran Aseptic

Packages for the fruit and vegetable processing industry. This family of products was developed by Aran especially for the fruit and vegetable processing industry. These are packaging solutions adapted to the storage and transport of liquid food products that generally require aseptic packages to maintain maximum freshness and long shelf life.

Other Products

Did you think that Aran was only food packaging? Not at all. Check out our contribution to a many other products.


Aran has a variety of fitment solutions for all your needs. Aseptic, non-aseptic, steam or chemical sterilization, hot-fill and ultra-clean.

Bag in Box

The Aran bag-in-box family includes designated solutions adapted to the packaging of different products.
These are sealed and hygienic bags (some are aseptic) made of multiple layer plastic films according to the product packaged.

About Us

Aran Group is a global operation in the liquid packaging industry encompassing 3 production sites and more than 300 employees and has grown to be one of the prominent companies in BIB solutionson to a many other products.

Aran Group – Short video of who we are.

Here is a shot video of who Aran Group is and what are some of the many aspects we have to offer.


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The IBC Method

Aran IBC (intermediate bulk container) is a successful logistic method that provides an attractive economical solution for the transport of tomato products, citrus and other fruits, dairy products, liquid eggs, edible oils, wine and other liquid foods in large quantities while fully protecting the packaged product.

Our Products

A variety of solutions for all your packaging needs

Thermo Flex Heat Lamination

Aran laminates are the most advanced of their kind on the liquid packaging market and are based on the Thermo Lamination technology of layer adhesion by heat.