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Aseptic Packaging

Revolutionizing Liquid Packaging with Aseptic Filling and BIB Technology.

Aseptic Filling is the most advanced and effective process in use today. This method involves heating the food to sterilize it, followed by rapid cooling to preserve nutritional values, color, and freshness. Aran’s flagship products, aseptic bags ranging from 3 to 1000 liters, epitomize this innovation, offering a unique blend of quality and expertise.

Transforming Food Consumption

Aseptic Bag-in-Box (BIB) technology, initially introduced in the 1970s, has experienced remarkable growth, boasting an annual industry increase of 3-5%. This liquid packaging solution has surpassed traditional options like glass and stainless steel containers, becoming a key player in the packaging industry.

Enhancing Quality and Accessibility

Aseptic BIB has not only improved the quality of stored products but also eliminated harmful preservative methods, preserving nutritional values. This innovation has facilitated longer transportation distances, making once-unavailable foods, such as exotic fruits like Pineapples and Mangos, are accessible worldwide.

Sustainability at the Core

Contrary to assumptions, BIB stands out as the most sustainable liquid packaging available. Aran, a leading manufacturer, ships over 70 million bags globally each year, proving that the BIB value chain has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than other alternatives. For instance, in the wine industry, a traditional glass bottle emits 9.6 times more CO2 than a plastic bag for BIB. To learn more read our ESG report and visit our sustainability page.




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