Aran Packaging has set as its primary goal the achievement of customer satisfaction and trust, and recognizes that the best way to achieve this goal is to provide the products, support, and service that meet customers’ requirements and expectations. Aran Packaging considers quality management policies a means of achieving this goal.

The quality assurance system will guarantee supervision and control over all phases of production, product supply, support, and customer service in keeping with the requirements of the Israeli ISO 9001 standard and the other high standards that are required as a result of the types of products and activities the company deals in.

As a company producing packaging for foodstuffs and medicines, particular emphasis is placed on providing appropriate production conditions that will guarantee that all products meet the highest standards of sanitation, hygiene, and safety. This will prevent the final customer from encountering health and safety hazards.

In order to achieve the quality goals in an efficient and positive manner, the company will implement a quality assurance and supervision system that includes methods for supervising suppliers and raw materials, control of production processes and final quality inspections, and assignment of responsibility and implementation of procedures.

The methods used for achieving the quality goal will include quantifiable quality objectives and customer satisfaction surveys which will be reported upon during periodic Management Reviews.

At the beginning of each year, quality policies will be reviewed in the framework of a Management Review, and will be revised accordingly and formally approved by the C.E.O.

Company management pledges to act as an example to company employees by implementing the above, and will ensure that quality policies are at all times understood and implemented by all company employees.

The management and employees of the company are obligated to the quality policy as herein stated and pledge to continually implement it in all areas in which it is active.

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