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Fruit Preparation

Bag-In-Box Solutions for the Fruit Preparation Industry

Find out how Bag-In-Box (BIB) solutions can improve the efficiency and convenience of packaging fruit products. BIB packages offer a practical solution for a variety of fruit preparations, such as purees, jams, and fruit concentrates. These bags make storage, transport, and usage easy and efficient.

Ideal for Various Applications

From small-scale fruit processing operations to large-scale industrial facilities, our BIB solutions cater to diverse needs providing convenient packaging options for fruit-based products.

Meeting the Needs of Industrial Fruit Preparation

Industrial fruit preparation is a process that involves a variety of steps such as washing, peeling, cutting, slicing, pureeing, drying, and packaging. These processes are often mechanized or automated to handle large quantities efficiently. The role of industrial fruit preparation is significant in meeting the demand for processed fruit products worldwide. It supplies both domestic and international markets with a diverse range of fruit-based goods.

IBA Tainer Aseptic IBC: made for fruit preparation

The IBA Tainer is a 1000-liter container specially designed for transporting liquid food, particularly fruit preparation. This innovative solution is patented and features a protective cage and a disposable flexible bag that serves as a cost-effective alternative to traditional stainless steel containers. It also provides an aseptic environment, eliminating the need for resource-intensive washing and sterilization processes. Moreover, the IBA Tainer is an eco-friendly option that reduces energy consumption throughout the entire value chain.

Integration with External Packaging

Compatible with various external packaging materials, including drums, wooden boxes, and plastic crates, these solutions offer seamless integration into existing supply chain processes.

Saving: An attractive economical solution for packing and transport of liquid foods in large quantities.

Convenience: An inclusive solution for the customer as a complete component within the IBC method

Transport: Convenient and efficient for the transport of large quantities long distances.

Protection: Highly resistant to perforation, and when needed can be aseptic with barrier features.

Environment: less pollution, due to a saving of 70% on raw materials.

Quality: The aseptic package goes through a special sterilization process, optimally protecting the packaged product in addition  to maintaining varying degrees of oxygen barriers as required.

Flexibility: The flexible package is easy to use and protects the contents well.

Saving: An attractive economical solution to the packaging and transport of large quantities of liquid foods.

Adaptation: It is possible to combine all existing filling accessories on the market.

Transport: Easy and convenient to transport long distances.

Environment: Less pollution, due to a saving of 70% on raw materials compared to rigid containers of the same volume.

Bag-in-Box (BIB) presents itself as an innovative liquid packaging solution that offers numerous benefits to both the environment and our health. It guarantees the utmost safety and protection for food while being exceptionally eco-friendly. Aseptic BIB, in particular, stands out as a sustainable option, with a carbon footprint that is 60% to 80% smaller compared to conventional packaging solutions. This is made possible by its lightweight plastic laminates, which facilitate energy savings, reduced fuel consumption, and lower shipping costs.

Filling of the bags is done by designated machines adapted to the filling of liquid foods. The semi-automatic machine fills single bags manually, while the fully automatic machine has attached (perforated) bags that are automatically filled by the machine at high speed, with separation done upon completion of the process. The processing and filling process for aseptic B.I.B bags is done under sterile conditions to ensure product shelf life.

With manufacturing facilities strategically located worldwide, we offer personalized service to meet diverse market demands efficiently and sustainably


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Customizable Features for Functionality and Efficient Dispensing

Customers can customize their systems with a range of spouts, hoses, and valves. Enjoy convenient fitments for easy product dispensing, supported by innovative filling processes to maintain product quality.



Flat easy open for chemical and steam sterilization suitable for dairy products (low spout)



ASC for chemical and steam sterilization

Seal Asept


For and chemical and steam sterilization (Double Membrane)



Flat easy open for chemical and steam sterilization, suitable for dairy products (high spout)



Flat easy open for chemical sterilization, suitable for dairy products (high spout)



Flat rigid for chemical & steam sterilization



External Thread clip with membrane

BDG + Clip


DIN 50, Aseptic Tap with Butterfly Valve



Icap for chemical and steam sterilization



Icap for chemical and steam sterilization Elpo Medium Spout For WEB applications



Fenco for chemical and steam sterilization





(Membrane Optional)




Other Solutions



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