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Bag In Box solutions for Wine.

Aran offers Bag-In-Box (BIB) solutions for wine that are convenient, efficient, and preserve wine. Our BIB packages are popular worldwide and favored by leading winemakers. We manufacture bags for table and home wines, and premium selections that suit home and institutional markets.

Sustainable Packaging Choice

Packaging wine in BIB offers a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional glass bottles, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint. With reduced material usage and efficient transportation, Bag-In-Box solutions align with sustainability goals, making them a responsible choice for environmentally conscious consumers and businesses.

Innovative Wine Bag Solutions for the Hospitality and Catering Industry

Our wine bag products are perfect for businesses in the hospitality and catering industry, providing convenience in transport, storage, and preservation without compromising quality. They come in different volumes and are equipped with efficient pouring systems, preserving the wine’s flavor and freshness. Join the trend towards convenient, quality wine packaging with our innovative solutions.

Innovative Solutions Redefining BIB Standards

Aran has two groundbreaking products that are ideal for Bag-in-Box packaging for wine. The first product is the Superflex Wine Bag, designed to be durable and ideal for transportation and storage. The second product is the Oxygen Scavenger-Infused Wine Bags that extend the shelf life of wine and enhance the overall drinking experience.

Integration with External Packaging

Aran offers a range of compatible external packaging options, including drums, wooden boxes, and plastic crates. If you are interested in learning more about our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Quality: The aseptic package goes through a special sterilization process, optimally protecting the packaged product in addition  to maintaining varying degrees of oxygen barriers as required.

Flexibility: The flexible package is easy to use and protects the contents well.

Saving: An attractive economical solution to the packaging and transport of large quantities of liquid foods.

Adaptation: It is possible to combine all existing filling accessories on the market.

Transport: Easy and convenient to transport long distances.

Environment: Less pollution, due to a saving of 70% on raw materials compared to rigid containers of the same volume.

Saving: An attractive economical solution for packing and transport of liquid foods in large quantities.

Convenience: An inclusive solution for the customer as a complete component within the IBC method

Transport: Convenient and efficient for the transport of large quantities long distances.

Protection: Highly resistant to perforation, and when needed can be aseptic with barrier features.

Environment: less pollution, due to a saving of 70% on raw materials.

Bag-in-Box (BIB) presents itself as an innovative liquid packaging solution that offers numerous benefits to both the environment and our health. It guarantees the utmost safety and protection for food while being exceptionally eco-friendly. Aseptic BIB, in particular, stands out as a sustainable option, with a carbon footprint that is 60% to 80% smaller compared to conventional packaging solutions. Its lightweight plastic laminates make this possible, which facilitates energy savings, reduced fuel consumption, and lower shipping costs.

Bags are filled using machines adapted for wine. Semi-automatic machines require manual feeding, while automatic machines use perforated bags and feed automatically. The filling process includes creating a vacuum in the bag before filling, injecting nitrogen after filling, and closing the bag with a tap.

With manufacturing facilities strategically located worldwide, we offer personalized service to meet diverse market demands efficiently and sustainably


Metalized Polyester SB 300g

Barrier type: Standard Barrier
Storage Conditions: Aseptic / Chilled / Frozen / Non Aseptic
Volume: 300g
Filled Product: Fruits and Vegetables

Popular Fitments

Customers can select from a variety of spouts, hoses, and valves to customize their systems. They can enjoy convenient fitments that simplify product dispensing. Moreover, the product is designed to integrate easily with all filling machines, making it a versatile solution for all your dispensing needs.

Wine Connector


Wine Connector for all Taps

QCD Connector




Quick Connect/Disconnect – Blue

Itap Wine Tap


Tamper Evident

Conro Wine Tap Low


Tamper Evident

Conro QCD


Quick Connect/Disconnect




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