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In the world of tomatoes, special bags work quietly behind the scenes, making sure we have tomatoes all year. These bags, made with care for freshness and the environment, play a big role in keeping our favourite fruit available worldwide.

Come summer, the time for harvesting the “Love Apple,” better known as tomatoes, arrives. This beloved fruit takes hold of our kitchens in all forms and is an ingredient in many recipes. Aran, a company specializing in the production of aseptic bags for liquid packaging, plays a crucial role in supporting this culinary phenomenon. These bags are precision-crafted solutions specially tailored for packaging tomato products. Let us discover the innovative measures taken by the company to ensure the freshness and quality of tomatoes from field to table.

The Global Tomato Processing Calendar

Tomato processing is a global affair, with different regions engaging in the activity at various times of the year. In the northern hemisphere, particularly in Europe, California, and the East, the tomato-processing season starts in July. Across the equator, countries like Chile, Argentina, and Brazil harvest and process their tomato in mid-February. This seamless rotation ensures the year-round availability of tomatoes worldwide, and it is within this continuous cycle that Aran’s expertise in tomato product packaging becomes indispensable for maintaining the global supply of this beloved fruit throughout the year.

Diverse Customer Base

Tomatoes operate in a fast-paced world where harvesting, processing, and packing occur within a single day. Many tomatoes are not destined for fresh consumption; instead, they undergo processing to meet the demands of the culinary world, transforming them into diced, minced, crushed, and pastes. Aran caters to a diverse clientele, offering bags tailored for industrial use (55 and 300 gallons) and the food service industry (varying from five to 20 liters). Renowned brands like MUTTI, Heinz, KAGOME, Campbell’s, and others actively seek Aran’s packaging solutions.

In the food service sector, Aran provides a wide variety of options to meet the needs of end customers. These options include different types of fitments and seals, such as screw caps and temper evident seals, as well as barriers with varying permeability levels—ranging from standard barriers to enhanced barriers, ensuring less than 0.5 CC per m³ for 24 hours.

For industrial use, the end application varies, Aran’s range includes mechanically reinforced bags suitable for extraction from the barrel while full, as well as thinner bags that can be emptied without pulling them out of the barrel. Aran’s unique products, Super Flex and Premium Flex, offer varying levels of oxygen resistance and can endure significant logistics transport distances — 6000 km and 8000 km respectively — without succumbing to flex cracks, addressing diverse industrial needs.

Adapting to Environmental Demands

Aran has seamlessly integrated sustainability into every facet of its operations. The company introduces 300-gallon products with adaptations that align with recycling requirements. Through a strategic transition from recycling code 7 to code 4 and increased utilization of less than 5% EVOH layers over traditional metalized layers, the use of mono materials and fewer colors Aran actively contributes to a more environmentally friendly approach.

Aran’s Global Presence and Impact

In the realm of tomato processing, Aran stands as the third-largest packaging manufacturer globally, serving clients on every continent and distributing tens of millions of aseptic bags annually. Collaborating with 11 of the largest tomato manufacturers worldwide, the company provides a significant portion of the packaging solutions, contributing to a market share that has notably grown in the last five years. With local production capabilities in Spain and the USA, proximity to customers ensures enhanced availability and service.

In a world where the love for tomatoes transcends borders, Aran’s commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability in tomato product packaging is truly noteworthy. As the company continues to grow its market share and adapt to changing demands, it remains a key player in shaping the future of tomato processing.




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