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While our primary expertise is BIB for liquid food, we embrace innovative projects that push us beyond our usual boundaries, demanding creative solutions within the bag industry. We contribute to these projects by leveraging our knowledge and experience in manufacturing exceptionally durable bags and related accessories. Our successful collaboration with Netafim, the world’s largest provider of precision agriculture and micro irrigation, and the company that invented dripper technology, has allowed us to provide custom solutions outside of our comfort zone. A pen-sized bag that has high durability for flex cracks and can withstand prolonged water exposure

In agricultural technology, precision and innovation are key to superior and effective products. In a collaboration with Netafim, Aran has achieved a remarkable feat – manufacturing the smallest bag they ever made, a crucial component of the revolutionary PULSAR™ system. This exceptional bag plays a pivotal role in providing precise and efficient water coverage for specific segments of Netafim’s agricultural products to protect crops from extreme weather events.

Aran’s Commitment to Innovation

At the core of Aran’s philosophy lies a commitment to pushing boundaries and designing solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients. The journey to create the PULSAR™ bag was not just about manufacturing a component; it was about understanding and addressing the specific challenges faced by growers in orchards, vineyards, and various plantations worldwide during extreme weather conditions

Yoram Engel, Netafim’s product manager, approached Aran with a unique idea – to develop a spring-like bag that could withstand pressure and function flawlessly in the PULSAR™ system. Aran embraced the challenge, displaying its ability to translate conceptual ideas into tangible, high-performing products.

The PULSAR™ System: Revolutionizing Agriculture

Netafim’s PULSAR™ system is a testament to agricultural ingenuity, providing growers with precise water distribution and efficiency. This innovation caters to diverse crop applications, offering protection against both extreme heat and frost event conditions. Aran’s contribution to this system is embodied in the specially crafted bag that plays a crucial role in the thermodynamic protection of crops. The bag’s role in the PULSAR™ system is to disperse water through controlled pulses, creating a protective coating of ice during frost event to prevent the plant from freezing and aiding in cooling through evaporation during heat waves. Agriculture in different climates requires this unique functionality.

Crafting the Perfect Bag

The journey to create the PULSAR™ bag was not without its challenges. Aran’s team, led by Yehuda Nahir, meticulously examined various options, materials, and structures until they found the perfect solution. “We are experts in developing bags that can keep the liquid inside, the challenge was to figure out what kind of bag can withstand prolonged water exposure and constant mechanical stress, it had to have high resistance to flex cracks”, says Yehuda. The final solution was based on the multi-layer composition and the same materials as Aran’s bag “SuperFlex”. Six layers, combining plastic and metallization, were combined to achieve the necessary flexibility and durability. This small yet mighty bag, measuring just 4 cm in width and a 20 cm in length, undergoes millions of pulses before replacement is necessary.

The Collaboration’s Success

The collaboration between Aran and Netafim exemplifies the power of innovation and industry collaboration. Aran’s expertise in plastic engineering and material science, coupled with Netafim’s precision agricultural prowess, has resulted in a game-changing product that benefits growers worldwide. The PULSAR™ bag is a crucial component in Netafim’s mission to provide water and energy-efficient solutions for sustainable agriculture and preventing crop damage during extreme weather events.

Aran’s journey with Netafim displays the company’s ability to rise to challenges, innovate, and create specialized products that have a profound impact on the agricultural landscape. The PULSAR™ bag stands as a symbol of Aran’s commitment to excellence and capacity to contribute to transformative solutions in diverse industries.




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