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Advanced Heat Lamination

Thermoflex advanced heat lamination technology

Aran laminates are the most advanced of their kind on the liquid packaging market and are based on the Thermo Lamination technology of layer adhesion by heat. The film formed by this process creates the desired combination of the various features of the layers. This ensures an efficient and precise packaging solution according to the product definitions and customer requirements. The production process based on the heating and cooling of the layers is adapted to the packaging of food products and provides an innovative solution to the packaging of liquids. The Thermo Lamination method creates a flexible film with good ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) features, durable for the transport of liquids and prevents FlexCrack problems during transport.

Flexibility: a flexible film adapted for liquids that prevents FlexCrack during transport of the end product.

Quality: A combination of features through the adhesion of three layers by unique technology.

Protection: excellent oxygen barrier and perforation durability that provide optimal product protection and extended shelf life.

The bag in box system eliminates the need for metal can and rigid plastic containers. The system is easily disposable, and much cheaper than other comparable systems.

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