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Our Commitment to the Planet

Sustainability is a core value that guides every decision we make. We believe in the shared responsibility of protecting the planet and are dedicated to developing innovative, eco-friendly liquid packaging solutions that minimize environmental impact.
Our flexible packaging helps preserve food and reduce waste while striving to integrate circular economy principles. We pledge to continue making significant contributions to reducing food waste and ensuring food security worldwide, with four key goals in mind:
ThinkCircular, ThinkRenewable, ThinkNeutral, and ThinkWasteLess.


Reducing Plastic Waste and Promoting Recycling

Our ThinkCircular initiative strives to reduce plastic waste by promoting a circular economy, producing recyclable packaging, and incorporating recycled materials. We are committed to reducing color use, implementing mono materials, and ensuring that our bags and films are made from compatible materials for easier recycling. Starting in 2024, each of Aran’s products will include end-of-life management recommendations. Additionally, we offer a full portfolio of products made from renewable resources.


Promoting Sustainability and Waste Reduction

We aim to promote sustainability and reduce waste through our ThinkWasteLess initiative. Our objective is to recycle all Aran’s laminate waste annually. To achieve this, we collaborate with a company that has developed advanced technology capable of effectively recycling and reusing laminate waste, overcoming the challenge posed by the laminates.


Achieving Net Zero GHG Emissions

ThinkNeutral aims to achieve Net Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2035 through the reduction of direct and indirect emissions. Aran is committed to climate risk management by monitoring relevant information, such as carbon taxation, transport costs, and evolving climate regulations.


Transitioning to 100% Renewable Energy

Our ThinkRenewable goal is to transition to 100% renewable energy usage in all our global value chains by 2030. This commitment is beneficial for the environment as it significantly reduces our carbon footprint and contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change.

Think Bag-in-Box

Environmentally Friendly Liquid Packaging

Bag-in-Box (BIB) is an environmentally friendly and healthier liquid packaging solution that ensures food security and safety. Aseptic BIB has 60% to 80% less carbon footprint than traditional packaging solutions. It is made of lightweight plastic laminates, contributing to energy savings, reduced fuel consumption, and lower shipping costs.

Carbon footprint per 1 liter of wine packaging:

Think Food Safety

Extending Shelf Life and Minimizing Waste

Food safety is crucial for human health and the environment. Proper food packaging is essential for extending food’s shelf life and minimizing food waste’s environmental impact. Our sustainable food packaging practices, such as Bag-in-Box packaging, help reduce the negative impact on the environment while promoting food safety.

Think Food Security

Improving Access to Safe and Nutritious Food

Improving food packaging is one way to address the critical issue of food security. It allows for longer transportation and shelf life, enabling food to reach previously inaccessible areas. By improving food packaging, we can increase access to safe, nutritious, and affordable food for people worldwide.

Think Sustainable

Actions for a Better World

Aran prioritizes sustainable ecological solutions and develops customized approaches to meet customer needs. We advocate for eco-friendly practices that benefit individuals and the environment. Here are some of our solutions:

Clean Energy

HomeBiogas’s system generates energy from waste, offering a sustainable alternative to using natural resources such as trees and water. Aran’s bags play a dual role in the HomeBiogas system, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Smart Dispensing

The Milkit dispensing machine revolutionizes the way professional food service customers handle liquids. By utilizing Aran’s innovative bags, ranging in sizes from 5 to 20 liters, instead of traditional plastic jugs, this system achieves an impressive 85% reduction in waste. Imagine the potential of saving over 1 billion plastic jugs annually! The Milkit machine allows for accurate pouring, ensuring minimal spills and maximizing milk conservation effectively.

Aseptic Reactors

At Protalix, we have reimagined protein production using Aran’s cutting-edge bags as aseptic reactors. Ranging from 400 to 800 liters, these bags replace the need for traditional stainless-steel reactors. By utilizing Aran’s bags, we significantly reduce energy consumption, as protein manufacturing can be carried out at room temperature, eliminating the need for a controlled environment. What’s more, Aran’s bags are aseptic and require no sterilization, mitigating the risk of viral contamination. Together, we are shaping a more sustainable future for protein production.

Biological Pest Control

BioBee is dedicated to providing effective and environmentally friendly solutions for pest control. Our approach involves harnessing the power of beneficial insects, including bees. In collaboration with Aran, we store sugar water in their specialized bags to serve as alternative nourishment for these non-pollinating bees. By offering sugar water, we ensure that the bees meet their nutritional requirements for hive development and survival. This solution not only reduces reliance on chemical pest control methods but also promotes a safer and healthier approach to agriculture, benefitting both crops and ecosystems.

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