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Established in 2020, Aran Biotech, a collaboration between Aran Group and BioPharmax, merges bag-in-box tech with pharmaceutical expertise. Emphasizing quality, it provides Single-Use Systems in medical, biotech, and food tech, displaying adaptability and collaborative growth.

Anyone familiar with bag-in-box (BIB) packaging understands its revolutionary impact on the food and beverage market, changing the transportation and storage of liquid products globally and, reducing costs, energy consumption, and enhancing product shelf life. With 40 years of BIB experience, Aran Group seized the opportunity to extend its success into the medical industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to a strategic partnership with BioPharmax, a prominent international Engineering and Consulting company specializing in services for the pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical industries. The collaboration resulted in the establishment of Aran Biotech, a company poised to address the complex packaging needs of the medical industry.

Aran’s extensive experience in creative solutions for the food industry, including unique film formulation and bag sealing techniques, combined seamlessly with BioPharmax’s expertise in project management and clean room establishment. This partnership established Aran Biotech, allowing the first time to bring groundbreaking BIB solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Lior Mor, CEO of the Aran Group, emphasized their initial involvement, providing top engineers and ongoing support during Aran Biotech’s developmental phase. He also spoke of their ongoing role “Despite the company’s growth and autonomy, Aran Group continues to play a vital role, offering laboratories for development and quality tests and maintaining a close relationship between the companies”.

Eran Kuratz, CEO of Aran Biotech, highlighted the company’s pivotal role in the expansive field of medicine, which surpasses the food industry’s turnover by threefold, “Aran Biotech contributes to this growth by providing advanced packaging solutions, offering lightweight disposable options that minimize fossil fuel usage”.

From ISO 13485 certification for quality assurance to a diversified range of Single-Use Systems, Aran Biotech prioritizes quality and innovation. The success of 2D Bags and the introduction of 3D Bags in various sizes display the company’s commitment to accelerating production, reducing costs, and providing tailored solutions for the medical, biotech, and food tech industries.

Venturing into the food-tech sector, Aran Biotech maintains its connection with Aran, serving as a reliable supplier of films. This collaboration exemplifies the adaptability and synergy between the pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Aran Biotech stands as a testament to strategic partnerships and calculated growth. The collaboration between Aran Group and BioPharmax has not only redefined industry standards but also positioned Aran Biotech as a reliable player in the dynamic landscape of Single-Use Systems, contributing to the future of medical, biotech, and food tech industries.




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