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Aran Group, a renowned innovator in the packaging industry, is proud to announce the launch of the second-generation Bag-In-Box Premium Flex, the successor to the highly acclaimed Premium Flex BIB – first generation. This new product, developed after extensive research and innovation, sets new standards in the realm of sustainable, long-distance transportation of liquid foods, all while ensuring recyclability as a core feature.

Premium Flex BIB – First Generation: Improved Logistical Distance / Environmentally Friendly / Supreme Food Safety

In early 2021, Aran Group introduced the world to Premium Flex BIB – first generation, a groundbreaking solution that elevated sustainability, practicality, and food safety to new heights. Since this innovative BIB presents dramatic improvement in the logistical distance of the packed product and uncompromising food safety, it quickly gained recognition as a trailblazing solution.

The first-generation Premium Flex bag was engineered to prevent Flex Crack, an issue frequently encountered in long-distance liquid food transportation. Its distinct green color and yellow fitment made it easily recognizable and user-friendly.

Premium Flex – Second Generation:  Metalized Layers Eliminated / Revolutionary Barrier Mechanism / Exceptional Logistical Transport

Building on the success of its predecessor, Aran Group is going to launch in the beginning of 2024 the Premium Flex 2.0, a fully recyclable solution for long-distance transportation of liquid foods.

The most significant innovation in the Premium Flex 2.0 is the elimination of metalized layers. This advanced solution relies solely on a thin layer of EVOH, less than 5%, making it a mono-material packaging that can be fully recycled in the PE recycling stream. It supports logistical transport according to the internal lab test distances of up to 8,000 km, whether by sea, land, or air, a remarkable improvement compared to other bags that allow only 2,000 km.

The traditional solutions for preventing flex cracks require additional materials and packaging operations to fill the empty space in the barrels. However, those solutions do not completely solve the problem. Moreover, the extra packaging materials, such as foamed PS, it is not the best in term of Food Safety Regulation.

Premium Flex 2.0 addresses this challenge with superior effectiveness, eliminating the need for extra packaging and reducing waste. Weighing less than 500 grams per 220-liter bag and composed of four distinct layers, Premium Flex 2.0 offers a unique composition that ensures flexibility and durability for the entire package. This revolutionary product continues to uphold Aran Group’s unwavering commitment to sustainability, setting new industry standards in the fight against flex cracks, and promoting a cleaner, more environmentally responsible future.




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