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Aran Group, a leading manufacturer of bag-in-box solutions, proudly announces the successful completion of the acquisition of a majority stake in IBA Germany from previous owner Liquid Concept GmbH (LC). This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Aran’s growth journey, providing an exceptional opportunity for developing 1000-liter IBC (Intermediate Bulk Containers) and a strong foothold in the large German market. The acquisition also positions Aran to penetrate nearby markets, including Scandinavia.

In a noteworthy move towards sustainability, Aran Group, a prominent manufacturer of bag-in-box solutions, is delighted to announce the successful acquisition of a majority stake in IBA Germany from Liquid Concept GmbH (LC). This strategic venture not only signifies a pivotal moment in Aran’s growth trajectory but also underscores their commitment to sustainable packaging solutions. The focus of the acquisition lies in furthering the development of 1000-liter IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers), aligning with Aran’s dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Managing Director Dan Abraham, together with Sascha Siebel, COO & Chief Engineer, leads the Aran-IBA operation. Siebel, a global expert in bag-in-box (BIB) and sustainable food packaging, brings innovative solutions to the forefront of the fruit preparation industry.

leap toward sustainable practices

Lior Mor, CEO of Aran Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the acquisition: “This marks a tremendous leap forward for Aran and IBA in terms of sustainable practices. With the board’s unwavering support, we are poised to achieve significant milestones in responsible packaging solutions. IBA is now officially part of the Aran Group, and we anticipate this move will further strengthen our sustainable footprint in Europe.”

Dan Abraham, elaborating on the acquisition’s sustainability advantages, stated, “This strategic move positions Aran as a significant player in 1000-liter aseptic packaging solutions for transporting sensitive food products. Our partnership with IBA not only solidifies our presence in Germany but also offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional stainless-steel containers.”

Sustainable aseptic packaging solution for sensitive food products

The cornerstone of this collaboration is IBA’s flagship product, the IBA Tainer aseptic IBC. This patented 1000-liter container, designed for liquid food transport, incorporates a protective cage and a disposable flexible bag. Not only does it present a cost-effective substitute to conventional containers, but it also ensures an aseptic environment, eliminating the need for resource-intensive washing and sterilization processes. Beyond its economic advantages, the IBA Tainer significantly reduces energy consumption throughout the entire value chain, aligning with Aran’s commitment to sustainability.

The acquisition marks Aran as a key player in the European market

The Aran-IBA partnership, spanning a decade, has been instrumental in mutual growth. The acquisition of IBA positions Aran as a key player in the European market, specifically Germany, where the bag-in-box market generates substantial revenue. This move enables Aran to export IBA’s sustainable products beyond Germany, leveraging its global network and the innovative IBA Tainer.

As Aran and IBA’s combined capabilities and sustainable technology converge, the industry can anticipate substantial growth in the years to come. This acquisition not only advances the fruit preparation sector but also underscores the collective commitment towards sustainable packaging solutions.




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