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Aran in service to Hi-Tech

The Objet Geometries Company developed an innovative printer to create three dimensional models. Fruitful cooperation with Aran led to a packaging solution that enables sending of the unique "ink" containers from Objet to scores of countries around the world.

Did you think that Aran was only food packaging? Not at all. For example, the company has recently begun supplying unique packages for innovative products made by the Objet Geometries Company, which deals in the fascinating field of printing three dimensional models through polymer injection. Objet is an Israeli company that develops and manufactures printers for creating three dimensional models using injector technologies.

To illustrate the subject, imagine a three dimensional fax: the system enables the printing of prototypes of various products – for example, the model of a new shoe for the Adidas company, or auto parts for Toyota – directly from the computer, using a polymer substance developed by the company. The printer builds the product layer upon layer, each the thickness of 20 micron.  The printer head injects the unique plastic substance, which arrives as a liquid in sealed containers. At the completion of the process an exact three dimensional replica of the product is produced, identical to a finished product just off the production line.

The cooperation with aran has enabled Objet delivery of the substance containers to anywhere in the world, with excellent protection of the special polymer. The B.I.B bags made by aran for Objet are adapted precisely to the polymer liquid, including a special spout. Thanks to the quality packaging thousands of packages are sent each year to hundreds of Objet customers throughout the world, that are using the Israeli printer successfully. “The polymer we have developed is expensive and sensitive, and requires a very mechanically strong packaging absolutely sealed to light”, says Guy Manchick, Development Manager at Objet. “In Aran we found a professional, high quality partner, that produces for us a bag designed specifically for the project requirements”. The bag is made of double layer polyethylene to ensure mechanical strength, while the slivered laminate ensures complete sealing against UV rays. “It was important for the bag to fit well in the box to allow maximum volume advantage and prevent movement – and ensure that the weight of the package would not cause pressure on the spout”, says Manchick. He recounts the excellent interaction with the Aran professional team: “They understood our needs properly and responded quickly to provide us with an appropriate product, with excellent cooperation”. Objet have apparently recently begun inserting the Aran bags into ultra-modern designed transparent containers. The customers “complain” that it is a pity to throw away such packaging: it is simply too prestigiously designed…




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