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Aran USA – closest to the market!

At a festive Open House event, Aran USA launched a forward warehouse in Fresno, California. The new warehouse, located at the heart of the West Coast tomato industry, is intended to improve market access for the Aran Group (for tomato products as well as for wine, milk, and other products) made at our South Carolina factory. The event was attended by Aran management and local customers, and Aran USA’s new management was introduced: CEO Michael Caputo, VP North America Sales Stephen Lopiano, and West USA Sales Manager Flavia Takahashi-Flores.

New faces around the world

Aran is going ahead with the Aran2020 plan, designed to strengthen the group’s position among the Top 5 global manufacturers of Bag in Box packaging. The plan has so far included setting up a factory in the USA, investing in production lines, and improving market availability. Over the last two years, Aran has recruited seven direct sales managers for important target markets: Sudhir Jaiswal (India); David Brabo (Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay), Stephen Lopiano (North America), Flavia Takahashi-Flores (West USA), Charlene Bloquel (France), Fernando Yague (Spain), and Alirio Mota (Portugal), the last three of whom specialize in BIB packaging for the wine, milk, and egg industries in Europe.

Long-distance Tahini

One of the most popular foods in the global healthy eating trend is hummus. The success of this Middle Eastern spread in the American market has also increased demand for raw tahini, an essential ingredient of the product. Israel is one of the world’s leading exporters of high-quality raw tahini, made from Ethiopian sesame seeds. Aran supplies these tahina manufacturers with 1,000-liter bags from the NyFlex series – highly impermeable packaging made from multi-layer nylon featuring a unique discharge technology, tailored to the oily texture of tahini, and incorporating special welding according to the transportation requirements.

Packaging for the world of nanography

In addition to packaging for liquid food products, Aran also develops innovative packaging for industries such as pharma, reactors, ink, 3D printing, and more. A partnership was recently launched with Landa Digital Printing, which has developed groundbreaking digital printers. These machines are based on nanographic technology and offer a high-quality, economical alternative for high-volume, rapid offset printing. Aran supplies special ink packaging for these printers, which were developed in-house and feature smart and extra-strong multi-layer sheets.

Blue Liner: Play it safe

In response to Food Safety Regulations recommendations, Aran has begun to incorporate a blue liner in all its products. The inner blue layer allows easy and clear identification if some plastic falls into the contents of the package (when the bag is cut, for example). This step reflects the global trend for food quality and safety and meets market demands and international standards.




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