Plastic Waste Influence All Over The World

While the attention on plastic waste is growing from the public, government, and lobbyists, the world is starting to realize that not all plastic is equal.

The core function of packaging is to protect products, keep food and drink fresher for longer and reduce product waste. The job of the industry now is to switch to more sustainable options that can deliver both financial and environmental benefits in the supply chain through source reduction, lighter weight, and recyclability.

Some plastics types, such as flexibles, still deliver unparalleled value in several packaging applications. For example, Bag-in-Box saves up to 25% pallets, trucks and deliveries due to its stackability and space optimization. With the aim to reduce packaging waste, consumers are more and more prone to buy products in larger quantities.

The industry´s innovations are geared towards providing them with new solutions. For example, one 3-L Bag-in-Box equals 4 bottles of wine, 3 bottles of olive oil or 25 shower gel bottles.

All these Bag-in-Box containers (and more) can be obtained from Aran. Contact us for more info.

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