Aldi is selling a tote bag that’s secretly a wine dispenser

tote bag - wine dispenser

A few years ago there was the wine rack, a bra you could fill with a beverage of your choosing. Then came the flask bracelet, which even Lady Rihanna was a fan of. These pieces ensured beverage-enthusiasts could discreetly cart around drinks while saving a whole lot of dosh. In case you were looking to update your alcohol-carrying artillery, we’re pleased to announce that the latest iteration of wearable booze has arrived, and it’s courtesy of Aldi. The supermarket chain is set to release a $25 (£12.89) tote bag with a cheeky built-in wine dispenser. But only in Australia.

The clever invention includes a reusable and removable pouch, an insulated wine cooler and a concealed tap. It also comes in ‘assorted designs’. The product will be available for purchase on 21 December as part of the Special Buys catalog. This beauty is a special buy indeed, with its functionality serving a range of activities that call for beverages, alcoholic or not. Imagine the kids’ netball team bounding up to you mid-match for a hit of Powerade. Or perhaps the dog needing a refreshing dash of water on a spicy summer’s day. The land down under is the perfect market for the tote, considering how fond Australians are of the humble goon bag (the silver pouch in box wine).

wine dispenser

As you’ve probably predicted, the store is already anticipating a buying frenzy. ‘Despite our careful planning, we apologize if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand. In the event of unexpected high demand, Aldi Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities,’ the store said in a statement. Aldi staff, we salute you. Now can you bring this bag to your UK stores?